Gehret Associates, Inc Business Products
Gehret Associates offers a broad range of products to meet all of your insurance and financial needs. We offer a remarkable suite of services for small business. Contact us today for more information or for a no-obligation quote!

Commercial Multi-Peril Policy
We offer a suite of property and liability coverages, many unique to our insurance carriers. Click here for a quote

Commercial Auto Policy
For many businesses, some of the most serious bodily injury or property damage losses involve vehicles. Our Auto coverages can help you protect your business against losses associated with the vehicles you own and operate. Click here for a quote

Workers' Compensation Policy
States require employers to provide workers' compensation insurance for their employees. This policy offers medical, disability, rehabilitation, and death benefits specific to individual state statutes. Click here for a quote

Benefit Solutions Services
Spending just 20 to 30 minutes we will show you how to:
   • Evaluate Cost containment strategies and risk management options
   • Ensure your employee understand and appreciate the benefits available to them through the company
   • Enhance your enrollment process, by taking the burden off you and your staff
   • Help the company attract and retain quality workers, by building and/or enhancing your existing benefit program
   • Create Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA – Cafeteria Plans) for your employees
   • Retirement Planning for your employees

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Also available: Flood Insurance and Umbrella/Excess Liability

Annual tax returns
Quickbooks consulting
Payroll preparation
Church Payroll Services
Direct deposit payroll
Payroll tax deposit preparation
Transmission of EFT deposits
Payroll quarterly tax preparation
W2 and 1099 year end preparation
Sales tax preparation
Workers Compensation audit representation
Group Health

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